Facial Type from Photo

Don't know which style suits you? Regular tests don't give results?

Upload your photo and the neural network will determine your face type for free! 21+

Why is the type of appearance important?Determining the type of appearance is an important step in creating your image and style. It helps to choose the appropriate clothing style, hairstyle, and makeup that will emphasize your individuality.
How can I quickly determine my type of appearance?The basis for determining the type of appearance is the individual balance of facial features. There are now online tests that promise to help you quickly and easily determine your type of appearance. However, you can determine your type of appearance more quickly and accurately using our app, which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze facial features.
What types of appearance exist?There are five main types: classic, drama, natural, deep romanticism, and naive romanticism. You will find a description of the types of appearance after completing the test.
Can the type of appearance change?Combinations of two or even three types are more common in life, and artificial intelligence can help determine the leading type. Moreover, the type can be adjusted by applying makeup or changing the hairstyle.
Why don't we use Kibbe and Larson typing?For typing according to these systems, a lot of additional information is needed, apart from the image of a woman's face.
How to use this test to get really useful information?Our AI can find your face in the photo and determine its type, even if you cover a third of your face with hair, wear glasses, and take a photo in a half-turn in a dark room through the reflection in the mirror, although there will be no benefit from such typing. We recommend taking into account only the result that was obtained on a photo where your face is strictly full-face, excellently detailed, nothing covers your face, and you wear a minimum (or better without) of cosmetics. Any stylist determining the type would ask for exactly such a photo. Also, keep in mind that this test is valid only for adult women (21+), as typing teenagers will give inaccurate results due to the peculiarities of the young face.
What should be remembered when choosing a clothing style and makeup?Regardless of the type of appearance you have determined for yourself, remember that it is important to be confident in yourself and your style. Clothing and makeup should emphasize your individuality and help express yourself, not just follow fashion trends. Also, remember that the received information is of a recommendatory nature.